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About Me

My name is J.W. Wexford and I write cybercrime thrillers, among other things. I've dabbled in theatre, poetry, nonfiction, and I also write music. But I love technology, criminology, and a good mystery the best, so why not combine these passions into one. This is the type of subject matter I cover in my podcast too. Visit CyberWorld Podcast to listen now.

Currently, I am trying to have the first book in a cybercrime thriller series published. In the past I have self-published, but decided to pursue a traditional publishing route this time. Please visit the series section below for details on this series and its main characters.

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Driven to Danger
Divided Highway
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I am hoping to launch a cybercrime thriller series using traditional publishing, that is, big New York, instead of self-publishing. What is a cybercrime thriller? I would say, think of Sherlock Holmes, but in the digital age. My hero is a cyber-detective named Edward Carrington. Initially he is brought into the cybercrime world after he was hacked. Seeking revenge, he uncovers that an international cybercrime ring was behind the attack. The further he investigates them, the more he is empowered by bringing about justice from their unjust acts.

Gradually he partners with Cyber Command, MI6, FBI, and other cybercrime fighting divisions of law enforcement all over the world, and becomes a force of justice, revered by cyber-crimefighters. Only this makes him the number-one target of the crime ring he has devoted his life to eliminating.

But how has this group become so powerful? Who's feeding their strength?

Nazarian, that's who...

Elusive billionaire Zadig Nazarian may own many businesses that allow him to have a lifestyle where he answers to no man or government, but this aged tycoon also runs a clandestine network of hackers, thieves, traffickers, and murderers who commit the very crimes his legitimate businesses solve. An ingenious scheme. That is, until Carrington comes on the scene.

Each book in the series centers around Carrington trying to stop Nazarian's minions, and the operatives trying to eliminate Carrington. Nazarian's hackers are top notch, but Carrington, hailed a computer genius even before he got into cyber-crimefighting, takes on anything Nazarian throws at him, even if the world's fate is held in his hands.

With every aspect of our lives coming online, the potential for cyber-actors like Nazarian's followers to harm us grows, even explodes. But Carrington and others who join in the cause of justice will never let him get away with bringing the world under his control. Sign up for email updates to know when the first book and future books will be out.

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